Best Place to Watch Sunsets in San Diego

"Sunset is the opening music of the night." 

Earlier in the summer while I was housesitting a mate's place, I spent every evening on the balcony of a beautiful ranch-style home looking at one certain spot in San Diego, called Iron Mountain Head, (a well-known hiking trail). During my short stay at my mate's place, I would race home from work to catch the final moments of daylight. If you like to dabble in photography, this spot is one of the best places to capture a magical sunset in San Diego.

I receive a lot of questions about my sunset photos and I'm delighted to share with you what I've learnt. Below are some tips of how to nail a great sunset photo in San Diego. 

Tips for nailing sunset photos in San Diego

Tip 1 – Arrive early

Arrive early to your chosen destination because at sunset there tends to be a layer of clouds just on the horizon. Most of the time, these clouds (also known as the marine layer) can be dark so the actual time when the sun sets can be about 10-15 minutes early. 

Tip 2 – Best time of year for sunset photos in San Diego is the Fall 

Sun seekers know to avoid San Diego beaches in the spring. A period known to the locals as May Gray and June Gloom often darkens the coastal skies of sunny California with a layer of marine status. During this time, the coastal clouds remain all day and chances are you won't get to see the sunset. From my experience, the best time to catch amazing and beautiful sunsets is the fall. 

Tip 3 – Under-exposed shots

For sunset photos, it is better to underexpose them so that you can capture all of the radiant colors of the sunset. 

Tip 4 - Shoot Raw

There is a wealth of delicate light information in a sunset and so it's best to shoot in Raw.

Where is your favorite sunset spot? 

With love + blessings,