Wander Boldly!

I adore the "Wander Wallet" brand that was created by a group of good mates for the adventurous soul. My favorite part of the wallet is the waterproof material that they use – Tyvek. For the past two years, I have lived on a sailboat in San Diego and I have dropped so many things into the water while getting on and off the boat. My iPhone has gone for a swim in the deep blue and we all know that phones aren't waterproof. Given my bad track record of dropping valuable items into the drink, there is a high chance that my wallet might go for a swim one day. Needless to say, a waterproof wallet is key for my lifestyle. 

I had a great time collaborating with the brand. They live by a great motto, “Wander Boldly!” On that note, go outside and enjoy this beautiful planet. Wander and Dream Big!    


Stylist: Elise Anne

Photographer: JAG 

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