How To Look The Part On A Budget

A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went - Dave Ramsey

Having lived in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, New York, Washington, DC and now San Diego, I’ve never had to look very hard to find a store that has my fashion. I love how fashion-minded these great cities are! You can get any piece of clothing you want by walking a few blocks to your local boutique, hop in the car to the mall, and/or shop online. Honestly, with the growth of e-commerce, you can shop to you heart’s content as long as you have an address the postman can find. One temptation the Internet hasn’t solved is the high price tag often associated with having a well stocked wardrobe. 

But I’m here to tell you, there is no reason being a slave to fashion has to hurt your wallet. There are so many creative ways to look amazing while on a budget. I created The Water Wanderer E-Bay store for girls who are looking for beautiful bohemian chic and feminine pieces at affordable prices. At The Water Wanderer E-Bay store you can find summer dresses and bikinis at half the price of what you would normally pay. Be sure to check out just how far your dollar can go. Click here to go to my store: THE WATER WANDERER E-BAY STORE

More Pieces At My E-Bay Store

Happy shopping!

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Outfit 1: Laundry By Shelli Segal Dress  Outfit 2: Calvin Klein Summer Dress  Outfit 3: Ivanka Trump Heels  Outfit 4: Michael Kors Summer Dress  Outfit 5: Gold Triangle Necklace  Outfit 6: Ralph Lauren Denim Shirt  Outfit 7: Gold Statement Necklace  Outfit 8: American Rag Romper  Outfit 9: Steve Madden Heels

Photographer: JAG and Elise Anne