What I Miss About Living On Land

"We travel not to escape life. But for life not to escape us."

It’s been a long time (almost two years) since I called a house or an apartment my home. I wouldn’t trade my experience of living on a sailboat for anything, but when I do get to travel (inland and not out to sea), I do cherish my time on land because it’s a nice change of pace from a usual day on the boat.

I recently had a chance to get my land legs back for a short stint while my husband and I were house and dog sitting for friends. My husband and I did a staycation of sorts and escaped to a beautiful ranch-style home located in the mountains just outside of San Diego. The home was perched overlooking pristine canyons and valleys, which usually set the scene for deep layered sunsets.

Spending two weeks away from the boat made me realize how much I miss some of the smaller perks you land dwellers take for granted! Having a small reminder of larger living made me think twice about my sometimes “cramped” life on SS Big Enough. I never thought I would actually miss them, but you just can’t replace the convenience of certain big house hold appliances like a full-sized fridge, dishwasher or a washing machine.

Our boat does have appliances and amenities, like a fridge, closet, bathroom, gas oven, and stove top, but they are made small in order to fit in its “tiny” space in the most efficient way. I hate to admit it, but living in America for the past 5 years is starting to make me want things bigger and better! 

Our recent stay in the mountains has got me dreaming about living in a house again. Since we have returned to life on our boat, I have been thinking it might be time to get off the boat and chase the American dream with a picked fence out front. Maybe this is just a phase that will pass with changing tides. Maybe I just need a pleasant day with the wind filling the sails. But at the moment, I can’t quite shake my desire for starting our next chapter on land. 

With love + blessings,


Photographer: JAG

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