How To Style The Bump

"The movement of life inside of you...there is no better feeling!"   

Pregnancy is filled with so many exciting and challenging moments. Even with all of the pregnancy aches and pains, nothing quite prepares you for the overwhelming feeling of love and excitement when you finally feel the movement of life inside of you. I felt my little miracle kick and move around at about 18 weeks. It was the best feeling ever! 

One of my favorite things besides feeling my baby girl move is getting that bump of mine dressed each day. The one thing that I’ve learnt from this journey is just because your body is changing doesn’t mean you need to transform your wardrobe. Stick to your style and you will find the perfect go to outfits for that growing bump of yours.

Tips to Style Your Bump

1. Stick to your personal style when dressing your bump

My personal style is inspired by my love of the ocean and wilderness. I love the casual beach look and my go-to maternity outfits during the summer were either tight or flowy dresses paired with an over-sized cardigan.

Now that we have entered into the first week of November, it’s time to start to dress the bump for the cooler weather. I’m 8 months pregnant and I have two months left to style my bump. I’m planning to dress my bump with staple pieces that I can wear with maternity clothes to stay warm. I already know that my favorite pieces will be leggings, booties, a casual maternity tee paired with a jacket.

2. Pair maternity clothes with pieces from your pre-pregnancy wardrobe

The green striped dress in the above photos is from Target’s maternity range and the over-sized denim top is from Ralph Lauren. (The top is not a maternity piece).  

The flowy gray dress pictured above is not a maternity dress. I snagged this dress on sale from TJMaxx and it was one of my favorite pieces to wear during the summer. 

Without a doubt, these affordable items from Target and TJMaxx were my favorite during the summer months.

3. Maternity clothes are like wine - it can be expensive and worth it or cheap and poorly made

Maternity clothes can be expensive. I love to shop when their is a sale on and I'm not afraid to shop at a variety of stores to get the best bargain. Some of my favorite maternity stores are Target, Asos' maternity label, and Pea and a Pod

4.  Have fun with styling your bump

The 9 months until you get to meet your wonderful gift is going to fly by and you may as well have as much fun as you can during this beautiful stage of life.  

With love + blessings,


Below are perfect maternity pieces that are best suited for the cooler weather.