Ten Reasons Why Life Is Better On A Sail Boat!

“Take every chance you get in life, because some things only happen once”. 

1. To Travel is to Live

Life is better on a boat because you can travel as your heart desires. It’s as easy as pulling the mooring lines, fluffing the sails and pointing the bow in the right direction. Living with the temptation to leave all behind at a moment’s notice gives life a pleasant edge.

2. Life on the Water is Always an Adventure

Our boat is docked at a quiet marina, located in a private part of the San Diego harbor. The Pacific Ocean is a 100-meter walk from our marina. Whether you are looking for a lazy afternoon or a shot of adrenaline, the life aquatic is the perfect setting for both. If you forced me to choose between laying in a hammock with a margarita or paddling with all of my strength to catch one more wave… I’d chose option three, taking my bike into town for Happy Hour! There’s never a bad option.

3. Once in a Life Time Experience

When I met my soul mate, he was living on his sail boat on an island in SoCal. After we married and I moved to the west coast to be with him, our plan was to find an apartment and say goodbye to the boat. I was dead set on not living on a sail boat. (Seriously, where would I put all of my things?!) I was so wrong about how appealing I would find this simple life to be. I fell in love with the lifestyle and now our “SS Big Enough” has become home.

4. Feeling Connected to Nature

Even when the warm sun stops shining and the dark clouds roll in, I love to feel the elements surround me. The sound of light rain pattering on the decks can cut through the noisy static from the day. The salt air brought in by the wind is nature’s perfect fragrance. The gentle motion in the marina rocks you to sleep at night.

5.  Million Dollar Ocean Views

Some people live next to the water… we live ON the water! When you live on a sail boat, you have water views all the time. To the West, we watch the sunset over the ocean. To the North, we have views of our bay bridge against the backdrop of our city skyline. To the East, we have views of the San Diego mountain ranges and to the South, we have views of the bay. 

6.  Less Stuff, More Life

I believe it is better to collect experiences and not things. As you probably guessed, to make living on a boat work, you have to learn to live with less material things. It is a freeing experience to let go of items you really don’t need and replace those things with a simplicity that fills your heart. For the past two years, I’ve been collecting amazing and unforgettable experiences instead of things.

7. Sail Away With Us

Sailing is addictive! We have hosted countless outings with friends and family (all documented in our fabulous deck log). With the right crowd, a little know how and a willing spirit, even a day with a gentle breeze can be memorable for all hands on deck.

8. Tight-knit Community 

The romance of boat life attracts all walks of life. Our neighbors at the marina are a treasure in and of themselves - mothers, doctors, artists, pilots, surgeons, engineers and teachers. These great people are inspired by and invested in their environment and the boat life.

9. You Become a Skillful Sailor

A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. I knew very little about sailing before I moved onto the boat. Being married to a talented sailor, you quickly learn how to steer the boat in smooth or choppy waters.

10. Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

One great consequence of not having a lot of material things, you can’t make any mess. Everything has its place on the boat. It is very easy to keep things in ship shape.

Send me an email (thewaterwanderer@gmail.com) if you have any questions about sailing and/or if you are thinking of living on a boat. When you are out on the water, don't forget to slip, slop, slap with suncream and wear a sun hat!

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With love + blessings,

Elise xoxo

PS - Below is a list of cool outfits and swimwear that are very suitable for your next sailing adventure. Happy Sailing! 

Photographer: JAG and Elise Anne