Wait What, You Live On A Sail Boat?

Some people are lucky enough to live in a beach or lake town. Of those people, there’s an even more fortunate group that get to live right next to the water. But today I’m hear to give you a quick tease of what it’s like to be the most lucky of ‘em all… literally living ON the water!

Most people would probably assume that living on a sailboat would be similar to living in a small floating apartment, and most people actually aren’t too far off. For those who haven’t spent much time near the water, the floating apartment idea really is a great starting point. For the most part we have everything you have in your land based apartment, but our systems usually have a small quirk that allows it to work at odd angles! Here’s a quick verbal tour of what we’re working with – a galley (kitchen) where we cook every meal, the boat sleeps 6 people (we have hosted many guests from around the world on our boat), a bathroom, a bedroom and a lounge room. 

My life on a sailboat is always a fun conversation piece. Even if I’m trying my best to avoid the topic, some questions can’t be explained without having to mention my atypical living arrangement. Once the cat is out of the bag I can pretty much anticipate the next 5-6 questions that are forming in my new friend’s head. But you know it’s always fun to talk about.

Here are some of my canned responses I typically give:

“What is it like to live on a boat?”

It is a wonderful and unique experience. Our boat is a floating apartment that has everything we need.  

“Do you cook meals on your boat?”

We have a galley (known as a kitchen to land dwellers) and we cook 90% of our meals on the boat.

“How do you do anything on the boat if it moves all of the time?" 

The boat barely rocks because our marina is located in a very protected part of the Harbor.

“Where do you put all of your clothes?”

Surprisingly, we have a lot of closet space on the boat, which includes a hanging closet. But naturally I run out space to store my shoes!

“How do you live a normal life on a boat?”

Living on a boat doesn’t stop us from doing anything. My husband and I have full-time careers. We even have decent Wifi that keeps me up to speed with the latest House of Cards episodes!

 “How do you get around, do you own a car?”

This particular question certainly caught me off guard. I replied with a laugh, shaking my head. Of course, we own a car! 

I cannot claim any expert status as a “live-a-board” boat owner, nor am I all that  competent of a sailor. In the grand scheme of things, I’m a total newcomer compared to our Marina neighbors who are usually die-hard sailors. But that doesn’t slow us down. I came to living on a boat after I married my soul mate. We weren’t supposed to stay on the boat for very long. Our goal was to find an apartment and move off it after a couple of weeks. Little did I know that I would fall in love with the boat life and the marina community, which has now become our happy home.

One of the best side perks of living on a boat is how cost effective it is. We don’t have utility bills. The only two bills we pay for are our Internet bill and our slip fee to dock the boat at the marina. Our slip fee is about 1000% less than what it would be if we were to rent a one bedroom and/or studio apartment downtown. You seriously can’t beat the price! 

As newlyweds, I'm so grateful for the unforgettable memories that we have made on the boat. When we eventually move off the boat and into a house, I will always cherish this time that we shared living ON the water. It’s definitely not typical, but we started our story together on a boat, and in my opinion, that’s pretty rad.  

With love + blessings, 


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